Leonice is a privately owned and privately funded colorant and Integrated Tinting System producer company established by the pioneers of European Colorant Technology. Our aim is to provide to our customers Fully Integrated POS Tinting systems that allows them to succeed in the market.

We firmly believe that a contemporary Tinting System should trigger design and development of new innovative products with competitive advantages to the paint manufactures.

Despite of the cloudy & sluggish economic climate Leonice SA achieved significant growth during the last four years and is now one of the well established tinting companies in Europe and Africa and also marking our global footprints in the Middle East and Asia.

Leonice has delivered its commitment of a top class quality service and a competitive pricing in line with prevailing market conditions. Our innovation which is not only restricted to the colorant technology, but also into launching new generation marketing concepts will help us maintaining a sustainable differentiation resulting into our continuous growth well into 2015-16 and also many years to come.

Dr George Sapounakis

Chairman of the Board