The Company

LEONICE is a European multinational company with its core business into manufacturing colorants and offering turn-key Point Of Sales tinting systems to the paint
manufacturers. LEONICE is formed by the pioneers of tinting technology in Europe with an aim of providing the best-in-class colorants combined with LEOMIX® Color
System marketing platform to enable a competitive edge to our customers in their respective markets.
LEONICE’s modern production facilities combined with long production experience & high production capacity ensures consistent quality within very tight specifications and prompt delivery. Innovative production process & filling makes efficient production of customized colorants including special packaging and labelling.

Our teams of specialists based in our state of the art laboratories offer a full range of products & services to meet specific requirements of the individual paint manufacturer such as:

  • Color matching services and Database creation
  • Customized Tinting Solutions
  • Development of Drop In colorants
  • Customized High Exterior Durability & Solar Reflection coloring systems

Exclusive technology allows us to upgrade existing tinting systems with minimum cleaning effort and delay. Our customers can use new generation products, save money and effort.

Products and Services
LEONICE offers a full range of products and services to it’s customers to t their unique requirements:

ECOTINT® Point Of Sales colorants
  • LEOMIX® Color System software & tools
  • ECONYL® In Plant colorants
  • ECOWHITE SU Optical Brightener
  • COMP GS1160 Compatibility Improver

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