Techical support laboratory performs color matching, database creation and software development to deliver together with the ECOTINT® colorants a ready to use package.

Advanced equipment and software is used to achieve  efficient color matching together with an innovative in house  technology to characterize customer products and to provide  color formulas combining high accuracy, low coloration cost  together with optimum opacity and durability. Special tools are used  to provide color formulae depending on the kind of  application and type of paint i.e. Interior, Exterior and Facade (only Inorganic colorants).

Our Color Database includes a comprehensive collections of world’s most popular Fandeck’s and shade cards including all established International fan decks and also the regional variety’s from different parts of the world market.

ECOTINT® colorants combined with our advanced and user friendly LEOMIX Pro software management system enables paint producers to achieve the highest performance with the optimum cost.

Customer support in designing and selecting color cards. Substantial experience with all available tinting machines enables us to offer choice assistance and maximum flexibility to our customers. Deep knowledge of paint technology allows us to evaluate  and assist customers to obtain base paints with optimum performance.

Exclusive technology allows us to upgrade existing tinting systems with minimum cleaning effort and delay. Our customers can use new generation products, save money and effort.