Leonice stays at the cutting edge of research and development with all  ECOTINT® and ECONYL® colorants being the latest generation colorants  for POS and In Plant use. Development of ECOTINT® and  ECONYL® colorants is carried out by personnel having more  than 20 years experience in colorants using  Innovative Technology and High Throughput Experimentation  in state of the art Research & Development facilities.

 ECOTINT® & ECONY®L colorants are produced using the best in class raw materials that are selected after stringent evaluations in order to deliver the promises excellent compatibility to various paint technologies, improved flow properties and long term stability in a variety of climatic conditions in different parts across the globe.

LEONICE offers efficient color matching, using advanced equipment and software, to provide color formulations for various paint technologies combining high accuracy, low coloration cost together with optimum opacity and exterior durability.

ECOTINT® Cool  innovative color formulation technology provides maximum TSR values for a very broad color spectrum of strong, dark shades, enabling paint manufacturers to develop paint and plasters with minimized heat build up.

ECOTINT® colorants, combined with LEOMIX® Color collections and LEOMIX® PRO Tinting software create the Integrated LEONICE POS Coloring Concept, a Tinting System which enables paint producers to achieve highest performance of their products and differentiate them from the competition providing:

  • opportunity to enter new POS

  • distinctive brand awareness

  • added value to flagship products

  • enhanced relationship with customers