In Plant tinting colorants
ECONYL® colorants are highly concentrated binder and solvent free ready to use pigment dispersions. The high tinting strength, VOC and APEO free colorants are recommended for in-plant tinting of various water and solvent based systems. Maximum stability and dispersability is guaranteed due to a patented wetting and dispersing agent platform.

ECONYL® colorants combine a very competitive price/quality ratio while containing very high quality pigments. Pigment quality is one of the major concerns of paint producers today when buying colorants. The careful choice of colorants allows the formulation of a very broad range of colors both for interior and exterior use.

ECONYL® colorants, are very finely grinded to be exceptionally suitable for gloss and semi gloss paints both for water and solvent based products. Unlike many commercially available system, they exhibit minimum impact of paint properties like gloss, rheology, hardness and drying time.

ECONYL® colorants are environment-friendly  VOC free colorants (VOC<1 g/L), in accordance with latest EU-VOC Directive and EU-Ecolabel without compromising technical performance and application characteristics of the tinted paint.
Advantages of ECONYL® new generation In Plant colorants

Flexibility to color various water & solvent borne systems. • High color strength, gloss, transparency and intensity with low energy and dosage due to their small particle size and pigment content. • Excellent flow properties for easy dosing & mixing characteristics without the need for a lengthy grinding process. • Excellent light & weather fastness for exterior applications. • Full range of Organic & inorganic colorants. • Optimized for manual & dispensing equipment.

ECONYL® colorants are compatible with a very wide spectrum of resin systems such as: VAM copolymer emulsions, acrylic copolymer emulsions, styrene acryl emulsions, alkyd resins emulsions, thermoplastic acrylic resins and long and medium oil alkyd resins

ECONYL® colorants are manufactured under very tight specifications of both volumetric and gravimetric color strength, as well as for the colorimetric values of DE, DH and DC: Gravimetric color strength 100 ± 2.5% Volumetric color strength 100 ± 2.5% DE <= 0.7 DH (Hue) 0 ± 0.5 DC (Chroma) 0 ± 0.5

 ECONYL Table Organic1

ECONYL Table Inorganic1