Universal colorants for decorative coatings

ECOTINT® Smart colorants are ideal for POS dispensing machines, resistant to drying out, utilizing innovative technology based on 30 years experience in machine colorants.

ECOTINT® Smart colorants are latest generation colorants with excellent compatibility to various paint technologies with improved flow properties and long term stability. They are controlled volumetrically and gravimetrically to the tightest specifications.

ECOTINT® Smart includes unique, high performance Red, Orange and Yellow colorants which allow the formulation of clear brilliant colors with excellent exterior durability.

ECOTINT® Smart colorants reduce significantly the coloration cost especially when medium to high saturated colors are required, due to optimized tinting strength properties.

ECOTINT® Smart colorants are suitable for all types of emulsion paints, oil alkyd paints, alkyd emulsions and wood stains.

ECOTINT® Smart colorants are environmentfriendly, low VOC colorants (VOC<1 g/L) without compromising technical performance and application characteristics of the tinted paint.


ECOTINT® Smart distinctive


• Outstanding accuracy for small packaging
• Minimized system refill cost
• High Performance Red, Orange & Yellow
  colorants (automotive grades)
• High commercial margin
• Complete coverage of the color spectrum
• Extremely resistant to drying out

ECOTINT® Smart colorants have been tested and approved in the most extreme climatic conditions exhibiting outstanding stability.

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Integrated Tinting System

ECOTINT® colorants, combined with LEOMIX® Color collections and LEOMIX® PRO Tinting software create the Integrated LEONICE POS Coloring Concept, a Tinting System which enables paint producers to achieve highest performance of their products and differentiate them from the competition providing:
• opportunity to enter new POS
• distinctive brand awareness
• added value to flagship products
• enhanced relationship with customers




LEONICE offers efficient color matching, using advanced equipment and software, to provide color formulations for various paint technologies combining high accuracy, low coloration cost together with optimum opacity and exterior durability.


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