Solvent based industrial colorants

ECOTINT® SB colorants are the latest generation high           performance colorants for use in non - aqueous industrial and maintenance coatings.

ECOTINT® SB colorants are designed exclusively for universal tinting of solvent based coatings providing excellent compatibility    to the most commonly used technologies.

ECOTINT® SB colorants are formulated using the right choice of pigments carefully selected to provide high opacity and excellent resistance to weather, chemicals and heat. An In-House developed, proprietary aldehydic resin carrier is used to yield an outstanding compatibility to a wide range of non-aqueous coating applications and excellent water resistance for the protective coatings.

ECOTINT® SB colorants are manufactured with rigid specifications to ensure constant color accuracy and excellent batch to batch reproducibility. The gravimetrical and volumetrical control allows the In-Plant and POS dispensing machine application.

ECOTINT® SB colorants, combined with LEOMIX PRO Tinting software create the Integrated LEONICE POS Coloring Concept, a Tinting System which enables paint producers to achieve highest performance of their products and differentiate them from the competition.


ECOTINT® SB Compatibility

• Alkyds
• Modified Alkyds
• Epoxies
• Polyurethanes
• Acrylics
• Cellulosic Lacquers
• Chlorinated Rubber
• Polyesters


ECOTINT® SB Key Features

• Broad compatibility
• Excellent weatherability
• High opacity in thin layers
• Excellent resistance to heat, solvents
and overspraying
• No impact on flexibility and POT life
• Hardness increase
• Full coverage of the RAL colors using
only 12 colorants
• System free of lead and chromates
• VOC level < 500 gr/L
• Aromatic and APEO free





LEONICE offers efficient color matching,
using advanced equipment and software,
to provide color formulations for various paint
technologies combining high accuracy, low
coloration cost together with optimum
opacity and exterior durability. 



Under Construction...

Software for the management
of tinting systems.


LEOMIX® Pro is the latest cutting-edge tinting software development brought to ensure complete control and perfect performance during the POS tinting process. Paint manufacturers can use the same software customized with their own banner for all points of sale, regardless of the type of dispensing machine and associated devices.




LEOMIX® Pro is a reliable user friendly software, entirely developed in-house by LEONICE, using the latest information technology advances. Its unique functionality and modest system requirements enable an easy upgrade to the market, from old tinting systems, without any training requirement.


LeomixPro 2V2


LEOMIX® Pro uses the latest information technology and provides complete functionality and all the services required by paint manufacturers and shop owners, to ensure total support and excellent customer service, towards a fully integrated POS Tinting System.


Auto Updater Pricing Example

leomix pro i3

  • Highly customized modern design
  • Strengthens brand awareness at POS
  • Online customer database management
  • Modest system requirements -compatible to all windows versions
  • Touch screen optimized Interface for tablets & desktops
  • Compatible with most known automatic dispensers in the market, such as: Fast & Fluid, Corob, Hero, Santint, Italtinto, Tecmec, Dromont etc.

For the Point Of Sale
  • User-friendly interface for everyday tinting
  • Quick search by color code or name
  • Color correction in post-production
  • Formula history & customer management
  • Color search & Match using spectros and colorimeters
  • Compatible with LEOMIX® View
  • Easy backup

For the Paint Producer
  • Color database Development & Management
  • Advanced statistical tools & marketing reports
  • Pricing Policy specification tool
  • Automatic customers update
  • Activation code generation
  • User access specification tool
  • Personalization tool for a fully customizable layout

Online Functionality
  • Customer management
  • Automatic database updater
  • Automatic activation updater
  • Automatic settings updater

cerificateLeonice SA has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008.                 

ISO 9001:2008 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System and it is characterized by a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution (production/development/service) in the core business area of an organization.

Achieving ISO 9001:2008 Certification, it demonstrates Leonice SA commitment to supplying unparalleled product and service quality to its’ world-wide customer base.

The eight principles of Quality Management Customer satisfaction is the mirror of LEONICE SA ability to perform.

The first of the eight principles of quality management therefore requires:

  • Consistent customer orientation – because that is how to recognize the Best in Class.

The eight management principles provide orientation for the task of managing an organization
in a focused and systematic manner, and to ensure continuous improvement.

  • (Corporate) leadership
  • Employee involvement
  • Process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
Apply paint colors to a photo
of a house or room..


LEOMIX® View is a color designing marketing tool allows you to apply colors to a photo of a house or room and experiment different combinations, until you find one exactly matching your taste. It is the most attractive option in shops, helping you introduce the warmth of color combinations to a photo either included with LEOMIX® View or one that you have downloaded.



LEOMIX® Pro is a reliable user friendly software, entirely developed in-house by LEONICE, using the latest information technology advances. Its unique functionality and modest system requirements enable an easy upgrade to the market, from old tinting systems, without any training requirement.

leomix view



Visualizer Online Tool

  • Increases sales
  • Strengthens brand awareness at POS
  • Added value service towards paint manufacturers and POS customers
  • Captures end-user's information

Key Features
  • Personalized branding, to be used by manufacturers and paint shops
  • Easy coloring with the “Magic Wand” tool
  • Any color collection can be introduced
  • Color swatch quick-search capability
  • Upload your own images/photos that you have snapped using your phone, your tablet, or purchased from web libraries etc.
  • Ready-made color categories for easy coloring
  • Save, Print & Sent your final image