LEOMIX® Colorcards
5 color collections
for architectural applications.


LEOMIX® Color System includes 4.110 colors, organized around four different colorcards, to help you present, extensive and cost competitive color collections for architectural applications. LEOMIX® Colorcards are carefully designed to exhibit an outstanding aesthetical performance satisfying both the professional color specifier and the DIY customer. LEOMIX® Colorcards have been designed in cooperation with a team of experts in the field of decoration and paints. Colors are reproduced according to a very tight qualification process. LEOMIX® Colorcards are readily available and can be customized to enhance brand awareness. LEOMIX® Color System is using advanced color matching technology to optimize color formulations in terms of price, accuracy, exterior durability, hiding power and metamerism. Increasing market demand for facade paints is covered by color collections based only on inorganic colorants.


LEOMIX® Prime 1700

LEOMIX® Prime 1700 presents an entire collection of colors, from classical off whites to the latest modern vivid shades. This extensive collection satisfies every color desire. The consumers now have a choice of 1700 shades for interior and exterior home décoration. One can find the favorite color that will suit different expressions and moods as you go through the variety of the shades.

LEOMIX® Classic 1000

LEOMIX® Classic 1000 is an established color collection that provides a variety of innovative and unique colors for interior and exterior use. In this collection you will find some of the most popular shades of the vintage era but also the new generation’s favorites.

LEOMIX® Deco 850

LEOMIX® Deco 850 is a fresh breeze of air that assists the designers with a modern outlook. This functional fandeck presents the cream of the shade library collection. The colors are the best of the best choices of the paint lovers.

LEOMIX® Pockt 300

LEOMIX® Pocjket 300 provides the easiest way to pick one of the highest rated shades, in the convenience of a small and flexible colorcard.

LEOMIX® Façade 260

LEOMIX® Façade 260 brings to you a unique collection of 260 shades for exterior use that can perform even in the most challenging weather conditions. LEOMIX® Façade 260 shades are formulated with an exclusive range of premium quality inorganic colorants and can be produced in a wide range of façade paints and plasters. LEOMIX® Façade 260 became paint maker’s, architects and real estate builders favourite tool.