Apply paint colors to a photo
of a house or room..


LEOMIX® View is a color designing marketing tool allows you to apply colors to a photo of a house or room and experiment different combinations, until you find one exactly matching your taste. It is the most attractive option in shops, helping you introduce the warmth of color combinations to a photo either included with LEOMIX® View or one that you have downloaded.



LEOMIX® Pro is a reliable user friendly software, entirely developed in-house by LEONICE, using the latest information technology advances. Its unique functionality and modest system requirements enable an easy upgrade to the market, from old tinting systems, without any training requirement.

leomix view



Visualizer Online Tool

  • Increases sales
  • Strengthens brand awareness at POS
  • Added value service towards paint manufacturers and POS customers
  • Captures end-user's information

Key Features
  • Personalized branding, to be used by manufacturers and paint shops
  • Easy coloring with the “Magic Wand” tool
  • Any color collection can be introduced
  • Color swatch quick-search capability
  • Upload your own images/photos that you have snapped using your phone, your tablet, or purchased from web libraries etc.
  • Ready-made color categories for easy coloring
  • Save, Print & Sent your final image